Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have reached it, ladies.

Goal Weight #2 has been achieved. I officially weigh 120lbs.


Yes, I'm still fat. But I'm closer to thinner.

My next goal weight is 115lbs.

Then we will re-evaluate.

Which will probably be more loss in the works, but I"ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I went shopping today and bought a new bikini (While it was snowing outside! Ha!) and a summer dress for my honeymoon... I have until July to look amazing in the swimsuit...

I ordered some from Victoria's Secret yesterday too... And a dress from there.

Now I need to stop shopping so much! LOL!

I have to run ladies. Work soon, and I need to get ready.

<3 you all!


  1. gosh.... You are so "light".... take care now...


  2. congrats on meeting your first goal weight!

  3. Well done, that's fantastic! You're doing great Cally. Stay strong and keep going!
    Holly x x x

  4. Well done on reaching your target!!That's amazing...what I'd do to be at my goal now. Not long though fingers crossed. Keep going laydee! xxx