Friday, January 29, 2010

Doing well

Thank you, anonymous. I'm totally looking into Claritin 24 ASAP! I DO have allergies, and my doctor is such a moron, I can get whatever I want.

I did GREAT yesterday, though the night before I got WASTED. 4 shots and a beer in 1.5 hours... I continued to get drunker and drunker for like an hour. I ate a bunch threw it up, brushed my teeth (amazed I had the frame of mind to do that!) and passed out.

It was a fun night though.

My weight as of yesterday morning had (miraculously) not changed an ounce. I don't know about today. I'm making myself wait until after 2 days of no bad eating.

SO if I continue to do well today, I can weight tomorrow morning.

AND the fiance bought me a new workout program (4 DVDs!) and I am going to try that out on Sunday for the first time. SO excited. I'll let you all know how it goes and what it is then.

I have to run ladies. I adore you all and I hope you're thinking thin!


  1. Holy moly you drink like a fish! :)

    Which workout dvds did he get you?

  2. How funny... I think the fact that you were wasted after drinking 4 shots and a beer really highlights my own alcohol problems. I can knock back probably around 20 standard drinks in a night and still not necessarily call it a big one... I'm seriously considering quitting drinking altogether. On top of all the other ways it tortures my body it can't be good for me. The fact that I am so tolerant to alcohol shows how bad the situation is getting.

    Anyway, enough about me! Glad to hear you're doing well and I'm excited to hear about the how the dvd goes. Also keen to try out the claratyne!