Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drunken slumber party

I only post on bad days lately... When I've been terrible and eaten too much... The good days I seem to easily forget about and they never make it to the pages of my blog... I guess maybe because I have to sneak on here, and I get desperate to write and confess my sins when I've had a bad day.

But alas... On to another bad day.

Slumber party last night... I got too drunk to count calories, and didn't want to throw up because everyone would have KNOWN, so I have no idea what I consumed... It's all a blur of inside jokes and board games and unknown calories and "Just one more drink!."

I had a good time, but today I have to make up for whatever I might have eaten... There was a LOT of junk food brought into my house.

My weight still says 120lbs.

I can live with this, but not much longer... I need to shed the first 5lbs soon.

Today's goals:

#1) IGNORE the leftover pizza in the fridge... I cannot stand another purge, and that will be the inevitable end result.

#2) Consume the following:
B: Apple - 70 & neg cal
L: Organic tomato soup - 200
D: Popcorn and 100 cals of something else - 200
Total: 470

#3)Ab workout... And possibly a gym workout later on today... I'm totally hung over though, so I need to get hydrated for that to happen.

I'm off to watch a movie, collect massive amounts of thinspo, and catch up on all your blogs.

Beach thinspo... Because I'm SO fucking sick of the COLD.


  1. Don't drunken nights just kill? ugh. I hope you accomplish all you want to do today. I LOOOOOVE the beach thinspo. I'm so tired of the cold as well, I'm currently snowed in--AGAIN! Eff cold. Hurry summer!!

  2. This was one of my problems-people and food together. Keeping up with both is tough when the atmosphere is so lax.

    What about just throwing away the leftover pizza? Sabotage is always helpful.