Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ana girl and shopping

There's a rumor going around work that I'm anorexic.

This freaked me out... Flattered me, but I don't want to seem pathetic... I'm not thin enough to be anorexic, and I think back to girls in highschool who were chubby and didn't eat anything and how I thought they were a bit pathetic... And then there were the stick thin ones that I just felt sorry for...

Which am I?

Fat lately... I haven't gained, but I haven't lost either.

In other news, I can't find small enough clothes in the women's department now... Even the 2s are too big, and no one carries a 0 here.

SO, I shop in juniors and wear about a 2... Sometimes a 3.

And extra small-small tops.

Shopping is actually harder now though.

I'm off though, just wanted to let you ladies know I'm alive... I don't have the mental strength to blog after my shopping trip.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another day

I'm so TIRED.

Dinner tonight with some co-workers for a birthday. I've picked my entree ahead of time, and vow that will be my only meal today with a glass of white wine.

I had a bit of a slip-up the past couple days and mia'd 2x yesterday.

But today I will re-gain control. And At the end of the week, I will formulate a plan to overcome Sundays when I work a 12-13 hour shift straight through. My body needs energy those days and tells me to eat constantly. But, I'll figure out a strategy soon.

June 1st is fast approaching, and I need to lose the weight. I'll weigh tomorrow and see what I have left to lose.

It feels like a hundred pounds.

The goal is vital though, because not only will that eight determine my wedding/honeymoon weight, but it will also be the weight I am on Memorial Day weekend.

And this Memorial Day weekend, my best friends in the whole world are coming to see me. 3 of them to be exact, and I want to look fabulous and thin and tan when they get here.

Today's goals:
30 mins elliptical.
Eat only at the restaurant - one meal of trout and salad and white wine.

Off to accomplish my day.
Think thin, ladies.

I'll comment you all tonight. ♥