Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today was better

Today was an amazing accomplishment compared to yesterday.

I worked out like crazy this morning, and my period came so the food cravings are minimizing. I also went grocery shopping and go a bunch of stuff so I can eat some new foods.

I feel a little weak today, but I'll survive. I haven't binged which is normally what I do when I'm left alone to my own devices. And I didn't purge yesterday. I made myself keep it all down, which made me sick all day. Augh. No more binging for me. I can't binge without a purge, and since purging needs to be cut out of my habits, so does binging.

BUT today I did well. It's late and I still have 200 cals of food and a Bud Select 55 beer allotted for today to equal less than 500 which is what I burned at the gym once I do my ab video in a minute here.

SO nice.

I'm hoping to keep these habits for the next few weeks and that my hard work will pay off by my birthday trip Feb 25-28. My b-day is the 22nd, and we're going on a trip back home that weekend. We haven't been since September, and I want to look super thin and gorgeous when I see all of my friends. I bought hair bleach today so I can be super blonde (even though it's winter) and I'm planning on starting at a new tanning place closer to my house in a couple days...

The fiance is taking my shopping for my b-day since the shops back home are SO much nicer, and I want to be thin, thin, thin when I buy clothes there.

I need to be that beautiful girl who's so obviously doing well.

Even though I'm not.

Thinspo. Black & white (and maybe a couple sepia tone) because it's my favorite.


  1. Congrats on a good day!! Tanning is... amazing, I absolutely adore it.
    I bet that people already see you as the beautiful, skinny girl that is doing well.
    I love the first picture =)
    Here's to more successful days like today!

  2. Do you have allergies at all? This might sound weird but I take Claritin-D 24 hour for mine, and it totally makes me not hungry at all - honestly it's one of the only things that's allowed me to beat my hunger. You don't need a prescription to get it, but pharmacies will only allot you a certain amount at one time. I usually only take one a day, which works like a charm. I think it's the pseudoephedrine that does the trick, and it could help you out if you're getting mad hunger pangs.