Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eff this place

2 months since my last post.

Sometimes is shocks me how long it's been, and sometimes it feels as if an eternity has passed. This post is a bit of both, I supposed.

Living at my parent's house fucking blows. I hate it here. HATE. IT.

With every fiber of my being, I hate it here. I hate it just as much as I did when I was 13 and cut myself and was super depressed. I might even hate it more because at this point in life, I've had a taste of what I want my life to me like, and it is NOT this garbage. 

My parents are what I never want to be. They're close-minded and ignorant and they never shut the fuck up. Even if I don't speak back to them, they just fucking don't stop talking, and with my mom it's alllll nagging. She is the biggest nag I have ever met in my fucking life, and I hope to GOD I never act like her. I hate that she never does a goddam thing. She doesn't work, doesn't have any responsibilities, and stays home all fucking day every day. She makes my dad run every errand and complains about how "busy" she is when all I see her do is cook one meal a day and sit on the couch or sleep in. She complains that she's sooo depressed and that that's why she "can't" manage anything, but she's never ONCE made any effort to get better or fix ANYTHING in her life. Like, go to fucking counseling. Take meds. Figire it out. Your life is half over, and this is how you chose to spend it?? Locked away in this crap house, calling everyone you know a bad person and complaining?? She just locks herself up in the house, acting antisocial and complaining about the rest of the fucking world like IT is the problem. She asks me (tells me, essentially) that it's "my night" to do the dishes, when I don't eat any meals at this fucking house, and haven't even cooked anything in two days. She calls me literally yelling about something that she "can't handle" at least once a week and acts like a crazy bitch about things that she should not even fucking worry about. She. Is. Fucking. Nuts. And I cannot keep living with her - she lets me have no peace.

As soon as I have some money put aside and can find a place, I'm out. I need to. My sanity depends on it. 

In other news, I have fallen in love with the gym, and as soon as I get back to normal eating and not this shit she feeds people out of cans every goddam day, I'm going to look fab.

Dear Lord, get me out of here, please...

Sunday, September 3, 2017


My depression and anxiety have been a mess lately. But I'm surviving. Some days I'm on top of the world, and some days I want to die... 

My wedding is approaching. I decided to suck it up and invite people who look good in swimsuits (this will be a thing there) and to get a 2 piece for the day. I am horrified. Because right now I'm not a person who looks good in a swimsuit... I feel like I'm going to be the bloated fat whale with blubber jiggling all over her body while everyone else looks lean and fantastic. My friends and family are all pretty gorgeous... I have 2 months to lose another 10 pounds and work out as much as possible. This morning I woke up with a fucked up neck, but I still managed to get in about 3 miles of power walking. I'm gonna push this week approaching to treadmill daily and get some ab and cellulite workouts in. 

My weight has been dropping slowly but steadily. It feels amazing. It's keeping me motivated to keep going. 

Just. Keep. Going. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I want to stop existing 

I want to die. I don't want to keep living in a disgusting body that I hate. I'm a giant piece of shit that likes to pretend like her life has value, but I don't feel that way. I don't fit in. I'm fat and ugly and awkward and stupid and no one really loves me. How could they love me when they don't even really know me? I hide so much trying to make people like me. I hide all my ugly, and still the little bits that aren't so bad aren't good enough for anyone to love. They only like the fake bits that I work so hard to create that I feel eternally exhausted. I have no friends, and my family doesn't really want me around. I'm living some lie that I'm some person I'm not. I'm so fucking depressed. I try lately to pretend I'm ok and be grateful and positive, but I don't feel that way. I fucking hate myself. I hate my life, and I wish it would end. I beg for it to end. Please. I just want to stop existing. I'm so tired that I can barely drag myself through another day. I want it all to end. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017


When I weighed in this morning, the scale was incredibly nice to me. However, I felt reckless and edgy all day. There's a lot going on right now in life that I do not feel in control of. 

My day ended with a binge and purge.. not the usual type of binge - actually just another meal (after I said I'd stop eating for the day) of not-Ana approved food... I thought about letting myself keep the meal down, but I couldn't. My anxiety was too high. I didn't want to wake up tomorrow to a higher weight, and the fear of that made me take the opportunity to purge when it arose. 

I felt lighter the moment I was done purging. Nice purges are always bittersweet.

Tomorrow is another day at the new job. Plus drama with my dog. And drama with paying for the boys classes. I'm not looking forward to all of it. 

But maybe the scale will be nice again. August was a bad month for weight loss for me. That can't continue... I need to get on track. This week was pretty good, aside from tonight- I just need to keep it up. 

Let's do it. 

Think thin. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's hard rn

B: Egg whites, onion and pepper, FF cheese, one strip turkey bacon, tomato - 150 cals
L: Potato, green beans - 150 cals
D: Zucchini, squash, tomato sauce, little beef - 200 cals
S: Nuts - 100 cals
Total: 600 cals

I'm so hungry. I've been hungry for about 3 days. But, it's ok... I know my body will adjust soon. The cravings for sugar have diminished a little, though right now I'm fighting heading into the kitchen and wolfing down some cookies. I even looked at thinspo for the past hour and it's not enough to make me stop feeling so fucking hungry. Hopefully this just means my period is coming... 

Tomorrow is a springs day. Not looking forward to the bikini or being around others wearing them all day. But there's quite a bit of walking involved at the park, so I'm hoping to get in a decent workout while I'm there. 

I need to start working out this week. I need a gym. There's nowhere to do it here. There's no privacy. I feel stressed about the prospect. But Tuesday I'm getting myself to a gym. No questions. 

And I need a waist trainer. And money. And my mom to back off. But most of all I need to be thin. 

Please lose weight 

600 calories today. Tomorrow I weigh in. This morning my weight was ok, but the wedding is closer than I want it to be for where my weight is at. 

I want to head into pregnancy thin. I plan to let myself recklessly lose weight until November when we get married and then start having unprotected sex and attempting pregnancy. Then, once the baby is out, I can recklessly lose weight again. 

I started my new job. It's been a stressful transition, and sitting in trainings with other new people and a room full of HR is wildly unnerving. But, I really like it. I just hope I continue to for a long time. It's such satisfying work and the environment seems perfect. I can't wait to actually get to work and start getting paid.

I had a dream about Jay last night. It was unnerving. I don't want to remember him. But there he was in my dream - all mouthy and beautiful, just like always. Our goodbye felt so incredibly unfinished that it still haunts me a little bit. But what can I really do?

Just like Adam. We didn't get a goodbye. We both opted out. He knew it was too late. And I didn't want one last flight before I left town. His number is blocked, and while in thinking about it, I'm going to block a few others. 

Tomorrow's goal is to keep the eating to a minimum. I just want to be thin so badly right now. Lately I feel so terribly fat. I can't stand it. I'm tired of hating myself. 

Think thin. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Low cals, low weight

Yesterday's intake:
B - Yogurt and berries - 120 cals
L - Piece of rips - 20 cals
D - Sandwich thin with mustard, vegg, and a little meat, 4 chips - 200 cals
S - Fudge pop, popcorn, pasta bites - 190 max
Total: 530 cals

Today's intake:
B: Grapes, half english muffin, ham, 1 egg white - 140 cals
L: Shrimp, veggies - 150 cals
D: Refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, beef, FF sour cream, little cheese - 230 cals
Total: 520 cals

Lowest days in a long time. I've been taking supplements and doing every trick I remember. I've been working hard. My mom's scale had a good number, but the plan this weekend was to restrict as much as possible and see what I weigh Monday morning. I want to see a specific number... I hope it shows up.

I'm getting excited again. The feeling in the pit of my stomach of losing. The hunger that feels good. The feeling of being full after a couple bites. The drops in bloodsugar that I have to work around. How my pants fit. It's nice. I've needed it. I'll stop at nothing now.

Think thin.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Down another pound

The scale was so kind this morning. Down another pound. I'm lower than I've been in a while. I need to keep going and not give up... I'm going to do my workout when I'm done writing this.

I had nightmares all night last night. I was hungry when I fell asleep, hungry when I woke up. I took a melatonin and smoked a bowl to get myself sleepy enough to pass out. It was decent, but I knew the fucked up dreams would be there waiting. I had a dream that the fiance found this blog. I was horrified. He was commenting on my posts while I was feverishly attempting to block and delete things.

If he knew what was in the pages of this blog, he would probably leave me. Or at least be devastated. Sometimes I wonder why I risk having it - going online and writing in here, etc. But, I need it. I need this outlet to work through things and become a better person. The worst of me is on these pages, and that's where I like to leave it.

And it's comforting when the little number of views shows a couple. I feel less alone. I pray for comments, and even when there aren't any (as I've had this account so long most of my fellow blogger ladies have come and gone) I still feel like maybe someone connected with something I said. I should probably find other blogs to read and comment on also, but I struggle with the time and privacy to do so.

Anyway, I need to go be productive.

Think thin.

Not a bite

I didn't eat today.

I got up early, made a coffee and went to work on wedding invitations. It took longer than expected, so I had to rush to get ready for work on time. I was flying through the house, washing laundry and gathering my things when I looked over the contents of the fridge and pantry. I settled on some oatmeal and set the package on the table to make after my shower. Then in the shower, I decided not to make it. I decided not to eat at all... the day was already half over. I could do it.

It was not the easiest fast day I've ever had. For some reason the hungry feeling didn't stop like it usually does. I yet felt fucking hungry all damn day.

I might let myself have like two bites now that the full 24 hours have passed. But I made it.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Reasons why I should not eat right now

Reasons why I should not eat right now:
1.) I'm a disgusting, fat, ugly cow.
2.) I'll be a fat bride if I don't cut the shit.
3.) I know where the edge is, and I'm not even close.
4.) Lily. Collins.
5.) If I put off eating now, when I finally eat tonight with the hubby, I'll be able to relax more and food always tastes better when you're extremely hungry.
6.) No one likes a chubby stoner.
7.) You think food will make you feel better. Less uncomfortable right now. But, it won't. You'll just be fat sad instead of skinny sad.
8.) The bites you put into your mouth will not quiet the voices inside your head. In fact, other voices will just start screaming if you do eat, and that's even worse.

I hate food.

I was horrified yesterday. I was horrified today. Food horrifies me. Not in like a scared-of-it way (though that's also somewhat true), but in a disgusted way. When people discuss eating some giant meal (like "we shared a pie and Chinese food") or what some "delicious" dish has in it - fat and sugar and disgusting calorie counts... I cringe. When some obese person gushes over the description of a dish, or calories are discussed in an "I didn't even look" capacity, or someone jokes about "getting their vegetables" in the 2 spears of asparagus on their plate, my stomach lurches. I squeeze out a "heh heh," and wonder if my face reflects any part of what I'm actually feeling inside. I laugh along with everyone else, but inside I want to vomit.

I hate that I have to eat. That food exists. I hate that it hurts so many people but without it, you die. I think food is a terrible thing to have to endure our entire lives. Endlessly, day in and day out, planning it and buying it and preparing it and consuming it. For decades of our lives. Thousands and thousands of meals. Thousands of decisions I don't ever want to have to make, but I do. I'm forced to whether I eat well or badly or indifferently. It's the worst chore in life to have to eat. I don't love food. I hate it.

And sometimes, I hate people who love it. I think because I don't fucking understand how you could openly say some things and not hate yourself. How can you love food so much you would talk about it?? And how do you not hate yourself for, first of all, the fact being true, and second of all, saying it out loud to other people, like that's acceptable behavior? Even if I did love food, I would not speak a word of it to anyone ever. I would bury that fact so deeply inside that no one would ever guess. Because they can already look at my body and see my relationship with food. Some things are better left a mystery; not everything needs confirmation.

Every time someone talks about food, I feel a little panicked and nauseated. And I have to shake it off to have a socially acceptable conversation and response, but I think it's bullshit. Don't discuss food with me. I hate it.

I didn't eat in front of people until I was in college. I never went on dates, and my family never went out. In high school, every meal eaten in public was gathered lightly, tasted, and discarded. I didn't eat in front of people; I picked. And only when necessary. Week-long trips for school or competitions would result in 12lb weight losses because I was too anxious to actually eat meals all week. I wasn't even trying to lose weight at that point in my life. I just always hated the necessity of food... I wanted to be thin, but I was not devoted to the reality of the notion. I would enjoy those weeks and then go back to eating "normally."

I just always felt like people were looking at me and judging me - that's why I couldn't eat in public. I thought they must see my food choices and think to themselves, "Oh that's why she's fat. If she's eating this in public, I'm sure she eats WAY worse food in private! That explains why she's such a gross cow." I would try incredibly hard to be the one at the table eating the healthiest. It was out of fear. I remember once going to dinner with two other girls. I made the mistake of ordering first - the fish special with some carb as a side. The other girls ordered salads. I was horrified. I couldn't even think straight the whole meal, thinking of how I must look to them. I picked at my food and hated myself.

I've hidden food wrappers for indulgent things I've eaten my whole life. Shoved to the bottom of the trash can. Receipts destroyed. Hiding around corners or in other rooms to eat junk food. Junk food should only be eaten in the strictest of privacy. Not only for fear of judgement, but also in case a purge is necessary and all the details that process entails.

I think I have that fear of judgement because I pass it on myself. And if I'm honest with myself, I pass it onto others too. I try to stop myself, but I can't help it. It's my first thoughts. I know where these things come from. I know the messages I received about shame and food - from every woman in my household, but that doesn't change the message. It's still there, playing inside my head, and I don't foresee that changing.

Monday, July 31, 2017


I've had a messy week. Depression, not enough working or working out, too much binging and terrible purging. Sometimes purging leaves me feeling accomplished and relieved and sometimes it leaves me wanting to slice my wrists and cry. This week was mostly the latter. It's not worth doing anymore.

The world of skinny. It's a messy, terrible place, but it's where I want to live. I'm tired of the world of fat. Sitting at dinner tonight was weird. I order my little tiny salad and have my two vodkas while everyone else eats more calories than me just during the bread course. I rip my food into smaller and smaller pieces and take breaks where I put my fork down. They jokingly talk about eating their feelings this week and say, "2,300 calories? How many days worth of food is that?" Someone says "one to two" while I think "four during a good week."

That's what I desperately need right now.  A good week. I need to stay in control for a solid week and see where I am. I've been fortunate enough that the scale has been nice to me. I only gained about 2 pounds after I lost a bunch, which means I've kept those 10 pounds off successfully. Now I just need to do that with another ten. And maybe another.

Tomorrow's planned eats:
B - Yogurt, vitamins, coffee
L - Spinach salad with salmon, no dressing, light cheese
S - Almonds and oranges
D - Try to skip it...
T - Under 800!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Cried 3 times while writing this

There's too much going on lately. It's overwhelming... I'm a mess, and there's no end in sight. I want life to settle down for goddsake. I want some peace.

I haven't had a period since coming off my birth control. I ovulated and then had a few days where I felt like I was on it, but no blood. I'm scared, but I always remember how crazy and unpredictable they were before I started birth control, so who knows... I should get a test probably. I just don't even want to know if I am pregnant at the moment. The boy and I are struggling. Our sex life has taken a dip since coming off birth control. We had planned 3 months before actually trying to get pregnant, and back up methods are fucking shitty. He doesn't understand how my hormones make me feel or how I'm actually really fucking scared to get pregnant. I'm so worried about him coming inside me right now that I can barely enjoy sex. It's all just a huge mind fuck, but he doesn't seem to get it. He just complains and grumbles and acts like a dick. I got pissed today and told him he has no empathy and it's disgusting. We haven't talked about all of it yet, but I'm not looking forward to it.

I haven't weighed myself in days. Maybe a week or longer... I've lost track. I binged and purged today. It was the easiest purge I've probably ever had. I didn't even have to touch myself, and I was puking. I was so upset and frustrated and annoyed, the food just came up on its own. My body didn't fight me at all. I dont have any idea if I've gained or lost or what the number could even be, and I don't want to. Some days I do well, and some days I don't. Some days I barely eat, and some days I binge endlessly. My clothes don't feel any differently, but the wedding is looming in the not so far distance reminding me that I need to get myself in shape.

My mind is so fucked lately. I want drugs. To get drunk. To run away. To be some else. Somewhere else. I want to enjoy myself for a day, but at this rate I can't...

My whole life is about to change. I got offered an amazing job using my shiny new degree. I'm excited for it... But all the other things I have to do to get myself in a good position are difficult. I'm moving home with my parents for a few months, leaving the place that I've worked at for 3 years and my only real friend. I'm leaving the town I've lived in for 7 years... The longest I've ever lived anywhere.

I'm scared I'll be miserable. I'm scared I'm choosing the wrong path. A few months ago I thought I was headed in a different direction, and now here I am... Moving into my brother's childhood room and second-guessing myself. I've worked so hard to become an adult, and I feel like they won't understand. I don't want anyone else to run my life in any way.

I don't know what to do. I'm tired. So tired that I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dreams and nightmares

Last night the weirdest thing happened... I wet the bed. I'm a grown-ass woman, and I wet the bed so much I had to wake up the boy and tell him to get out of bed and let me change the sheet and had to clean the mattress underneath. I was having a dream that I was in a hurricane, running around and saving my brother from rocks flying through his window. And suddenly, I was on the toilet making everyone leave the room so I could go pee. Then I woke up and rushed to the bathroom half asleep still and fumbling around in the dark horrified. I was so scared to wake up the boy and tell him he had to get out of bed and why... I was fucking embarrassed. I'm a fucking adult, and I wasn't drunk. But he's always so gracious with me. He didn't harass me or make me feel like the weirdo I felt like. He never hurts my feelings when I'm struggling.

Coming off my birth control is difficult right now. I can feel my body adjusting to over a decade of hormones leaving my system. My skin feels like it's constantly on the verge of breaking out, and I wonder if the bed wetting had something to do with it also...  My dreams have been so weird and vivid lately, and I find I feel like I need more sleep than usual. I also finally weened myself off caffeine, and that has been a struggle, especially at work when I would normally have a pick-me-up...

I was worried the caffeine would affect my weight loss, but this morning the scale was kind again. The number says I've lost ten pounds since I started trying again. It's been a long time, but ten pounds less feels fantastic, and I feel motivated to keep it upppp. The number I saw today I haven't seen in a very long time.

Ok, off to work out... I know this one will be a struggle today, but it's necessaryyy!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Temptation grows when you feed it

To the 5 or 6 of you that still read these posts, thanks for checking in. Seeing even just a couple of reads on my late night ramblings, head dump, or raw emotions makes me feel a little less alone in the universe.

I've lost weight. I've been trying very hard to get my body thinner before I get pregnant, and that's the next focus on the life agenda. Pregnancy horrifies me. Scares the fucking shit out of me. But, I want a daughter. More than anything, I've always dreamed of having one, and I'm getting too old to wait any longer. I have my Master's degree. I have a stable relationship with a man who cleaned up his act and wants to be a good dad. I have the ability to take care of a child. I feel like it's finally time, but Ana and Mia are inside quivering and telling me to do something else with my entire life. But the plan is to get skinny and maintain healthy-ish and get pregnant. Right now, I need to get thin. Right now my shape is just too round to live. 

My main issue right now is exercise. I was doing ok with working out until I got this cold, and now it's been a MONTH trying to shake it. I don't know how to get started again... I got my eating back under control, but exercise is harder for me to get into. I've always HATED it. Hated gyms and sweating and how my body jiggles when I move. The only thing I've ever loved that was active were dance and hiking, and I feel too old for formal dance and it's too disgustingly hot to hike right now. I don't know; I just need to figure something out...

I need routine.

Yesterday I did well. When I left work, I was starving. I wanted to binge. I wanted to hit up every drive thru or take home a pasta from work or get gas station food. I wanted to smoke weed and eat a literal ton and maybe purge and maybe not. But, I can't smoke right now because of applying for jobs, and I can't drink because I made a life decision not to. It hit me that food is my third drug of choice, and I couldn't let myself do it. I needed to stay hungry for the hour drive home and immediately eat an Ana-approved meal and then just not think about it any more. So I did. I got in my car and went straight home and made myself food and ate and then put on a movie and passed out. When I woke up from my nap, I didn't feel fat and disgusting and guilty and full of self-hatred. I felt rested. I felt like I had accomplished something. And this morning, the scale read a lovely number I haven't seen in a while. I want that again tomorrow and the day after and the day after, and I want to get 14 more pounds off before I get pregnant and then only have a belly pregnancy. I can do it if I stay focused.

So, here's the plan...

Daily goals:

  • Apply for one job per day.
  • Take vitamins daily.
  • No caffeine.
  • 2 workout videos daily.
  • Keep house clean. 
  • In bed by 2am, up by 11am at the latest.
  • Maintain eating: 
    • Breakfast: oatmeal/english muffin/fruit/yogurt /tea- @150 cals
    • Lunch: chicken/veggies/tortillas/tuna/crackers - @250 cals
    • Snack: neg cal fruits - @ 60cals
    • Dinner: lean mean, veggies - @200 cals
    • Dessert - sugar free popsicle - 15 cals
    • Total: Less than 700 cals.
Manageable if I just stick to it. And not get stressed. Yesterday I was stressed. I fought off cravings, had an eating dream at bedtime, and generally just didn't feel it. But this morning's numbers were worth it. That's what I need to remember. Temptation grows when you feed it. And I don't want to feed anything.

Monday, June 19, 2017


He lights up when he talks to me. When I talk to him. He smiles. A smile that doesn't end with his lips, or even his eyes, but goes to his heart. 

It's not his fault he couldn't reach out. He's broken. And messy. He's so profoundly different on such a deep level that I couldn't even understand him. And by the time I did, it was too late. I didn't get all the information I needed and didn't have the time. He would have been a project that took years and more patience than I possess. More than I think anyone really possesses. He can't reach out like people expect. But I wish he would have. I wish any of his emotions would have been strong enough to spark some kind of actual action... Aside from the one evening and a couple drunken moments. 

I need someone who pushes back. That's the game. I cause drama to test. And some fail. Many have. He failed the hardest. To the point where I had to stop myself from blaming myself. 

I miss him. I know it would have never worked. It was doomed from the start. But I miss the game and the conversations. I miss having him as a friend. I wish I could tell him I miss him... I wish I could catch up with him. But I think the way it is now is best... I give him what I want and nothing more. And he soaks it up, pretends he isn't affected... but I know when he smiles. 

We said we would be friends. I said it. I know I can't, but I miss it. I want to tell him I'm sorry. I think I might be able to do that soon. Just not sure if I should or not. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


School is over. And while I feel relieved, I also want to get my dream job now, but life is making me take it slow... I need my career. Not even having a taste of it makes me feel worthless and angsty. It makes it hard for me to be grateful and positive. My career is my passion, and it feeds my soul. Lately, my soul has been stagnant.

Last month, I went on the best vacation of my life with CS. We planned our wedding and called it our honeymoon. We made amazing memories together. It was truly the best week of my life. He is my home and my heart. I want to marry him and stop being scared of things.

When I got home to reality, I fell apart. Back to my shitty job surrounded by shitty people and trying not to let it get to me. There is no bright side to look on at this moment. No projects or necessities to accomplish. Just a road of a couple months full of tedious work that I do not want to do and drama that I escaped as a single person. We're trying to figure out our next steps in life, and I'm trying to manage it without doubt and anxiety ripping me apart.

I've had such severe anxiety for over 3 weeks now that I've dropped off the face of the earth, and everyone has let me. My list of to-dos is mounting, but I feel crippled. My house is dirty, my dog un-bathed, my bills unpaid, but I've been stuck. It's like no day is long enough, and no moment filled with what actually needs to happen.

Then this week, I've been sick. I was mentally so strung out that my body decided to follow suit. Now I feel like the cobwebs are gone mentally, but physically I can't get it together. I've been so sick I haven't been to work in 6 days. I called out two and got sent home two. I never thought I would say it, but I'm thankful for Amy and her covering for me. Tomorrow, I have to go back. The amount of debt I'm facing is staggering at this moment, and I can't live my life laying in bed any longer. I feel worthless.

There's a new fuck boy. And while that used to excite me, now it just annoys me. I tried to do the right thing. I told him while he was on vacation and I was on vacation that I got back together with my ex. I tried to scare him off, but instead he's chasing more. The attention will always be my biggest addiction, but I don't want him. I don't like anything about him, except the attention. And I don't want to risk anything I currently have. Which doesn't feel like much right now... If I lost CS because of some idiot like Tuse, I'd hate myself.

I don't know how to shake off the funk. It's taking over moments I should be happy. I've been fighting it off as best I can, but the cloud of drugs and drinking and mia keeps raining on me, and I can't find an umbrella anywhere. I've given in to Mia a couple times, but it doesn't help. And I've said no to drinking and drugs for so long at this point it feels normal. But some days, I miss that unhealthy coping.

I just need to remember my own advice about substances.

I don't think I've ever had depression for this long. It's been a solid month, and that's a scary thought. You'd think I could manage it somehow, but I don't think I'm mature enough sometimes. I have been asking myself "What's wrong?" for so long with no answers... I don't know what's really been wrong. Nothing huge. Just this stupid little nagging that I can't get rid of. This terrible feeling I can't shake off.

I should be doing better.

And, there is it. That is the thought that is holding me back. That is the ditty repeating itself in my head. Suddenly, on the screen of my journal, there is it. I have been telling myself this every single day lately instead of looking at the positives and being patient.

I need to give myself credit. I have been doing better. I have not been drinking, fucking around, lying to the man who loves me, putting up with shitty friends, having serious kid drama, or blowing money unnecessarily. I put aside the fuck boys. I said goodbye to Adam. I graduated. I know it's going to take a couple months, but I have the time. I need to calm down.

Tomorrow I need to do a chore and go to work. It's time to shake off the cobwebs.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ditties in my mind

"A binge, and a purge, and all's right with the world."

The ditty still rings loud and clear in my head when I need it. Sharp and looming, like an old carousel song. In some ways comforting, but also a haunting sound as it echoes repeatedly in the dark.

This weekend was terrible for me, but it was nothing I could even share with those around me. All they saw was me being moody and angry, but it's better than the reactions of the alternative of telling them.

I am miserable.

With my body, as usual... I used to just hate myself because I looked fat, but now, I hate myself because I look fat and old. White hairs are springing up on my scalp, my completion looks like wrinkled paper, and cellulite is breeding on my thighs. My arms look flabby, and my stomach and things jiggle more than they ever have. I need to start working out mercilessly, but instead I just eat and eat and eat until I make myself want to vomit. I punish myself for how I already look...

"Oh, you want to be lazy and disgusting, then let's really do it!"

Sometime I manage not to see what I look like and just enjoy myself, and other times it consumes me with how poorly I look. I was doing well being vegan, but suddenly, the "I'll be good tomorrow" mentality came up, and I can't make it LEAVE.

I've spent literally years of my life putting off making myself look better, and I wasted my youthful years being fat. Now I'm old and just trying to look pretty, without the physical ability to do it as easily.

I'm old. I'm thirty. And I gave up the fuck boy opportunities this week, and I'm proud of myself for that, but I also fear that their presence is what keeps my confidence to maintainable levels.  I didn't hear from Adam for 2 months, and suddenly, he texts me apologizing for things that happened a very long time ago, and asking me out on a date.

"They always come back."

I was right. With him, at least... I'm always right on this with the ones that matter emotionally... It was nice to hear and very tempting, but I know what it would have done to me mentally in regards to CS.

I said no. Because I have to choose what life I want, and I choose him.

Even though this weekend wasn't easy to do that. I wanted to DRINK. I wanted to self-destruct and use bad coping, and get so fucking wasted that I forgot how ugly I felt. I wanted to go be around drunk older men who would make me feel young and pretty again. I wanted the relativity. I wanted a different perspective.

I was frustrated and frustrated with CS for not seeming frustrated. I wanted to talk about it, but couldn't. Because this is his vice, and not mine. But it sucks, because I fucking miss it, but if I tell him that, it will devastate him. He doesn't want me to give up a lifstyle I want, but that's what living with him entails. I have to give up the things that are bad for me and do actual work...

And as much as I've done that, I'm not done. I clearly still need to improve, and that realization fucking SUCKS, but there it is, hidden in my blog, as usual... It always sums up for me eventually, and this one annoys me.

It's a journey, and I need to start remembering that.

Tomorrow's step of the journey is to get the eating back in order, and then just give it a little time. And then no more waiting for tomorrow with my physical body. It's time to focus on that a while and let the mental do it's work on auto-pilot.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Self-loathing, as usual

I feel lonely today... Very lonely... But at the same time, the thought of people gives me anxiety.

I ran away from work as soon as I could today, went off to buy myself too many birthday presents and spent too much money. I ate shitty food I shouldn't be eating.

I feel depressed, overwhelmed, and tired. I feel exhausted by life.

I've had anxiety for days, and I don't know how to shake it. I feel like everything I do is wrong, I'm ugly and stupid, and I don't know how to make decisions or take care of anything. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to do, and I can't find the motivation to do any of them. I feel frazzled, and I miss CS, and I want him back, but I don't know how to reformat my life to have him, or if I even should... I need the world to stop spinning for a moment and let me get off. I need to throw up. I need to cry. I need to laugh. I need to do drugs and drink...

I want people to like me, but I don't care if they really do...  I want to do well in school, but lately I don't care if I even do... I need to do things and get myself settled and straightened out, but I have no focus.

I miss him.

I don't want all these stupid ass fuckboys I've been hanging out with - fucking Adam again, making out with Brandon, and getting so caught up in their dumb shit that I miss deadlines...

I just want him. I want to have the life with him that we had planned. And I want the next chapter in my life to be here already. I want the settled down me. I want to be a grownup.

But since that's not happening quickly enough, I find myself being a complete fucking child. Partying and being a moron and making stupid fucking choices...

I hate myself.

When all other things change, that one fact remains the same. I hate myself.