Saturday, August 5, 2017

Low cals, low weight

Yesterday's intake:
B - Yogurt and berries - 120 cals
L - Piece of rips - 20 cals
D - Sandwich thin with mustard, vegg, and a little meat, 4 chips - 200 cals
S - Fudge pop, popcorn, pasta bites - 190 max
Total: 530 cals

Today's intake:
B: Grapes, half english muffin, ham, 1 egg white - 140 cals
L: Shrimp, veggies - 150 cals
D: Refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, beef, FF sour cream, little cheese - 230 cals
Total: 520 cals

Lowest days in a long time. I've been taking supplements and doing every trick I remember. I've been working hard. My mom's scale had a good number, but the plan this weekend was to restrict as much as possible and see what I weigh Monday morning. I want to see a specific number... I hope it shows up.

I'm getting excited again. The feeling in the pit of my stomach of losing. The hunger that feels good. The feeling of being full after a couple bites. The drops in bloodsugar that I have to work around. How my pants fit. It's nice. I've needed it. I'll stop at nothing now.

Think thin.

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