Friday, January 6, 2012

Losing but not fast enough

B: Addy and a workout: burned 400 cals.
L: Egg whites, whole grain bread, little potato, naked juice: 400 cals.
D: Random shit. - mia'd.
Total: who knows.

This morning I'm back down a pound... It's still not low enough and when I see the actual number every morning it's hard to be happy about my 5 pound weight loss in less than a week, because I still have SO far to go.

And I want to be there NOW.

I want to lose about 7 pounds by the end of the month... I know I can. I just need to stay calm and not eat.

Auuugh I need to clean my house and I have zeroooo motivation.

Maybe an addy this morning?

Oh and for those who were asking... I buy them off the black market. Ha ha! From a girl I used to work with... Her boyfriend is a pill pusher.

Think thin, ladies!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fucking sandwich

I ate a sandwich last night when I got off work and now this morning I gained!?

From one fucking sandwich, I'm up a pound. I was down a pound yesterday and now I'm right back up.

Lesson learned.

Today and tomorrow, the menu is addy and naked juice. ONLY. And a decent workout.

I'll get down to where I want to be if it kills me.

Saturday morning will show me a lighter number, and I will NOT gain it back.

No more "normal" meals.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold weather and slight plateau

My motivation is always lower when it's cold, and today it is freeeezing. I always want to eat and eat and eat on cold days, and I know it's because my body wants more fat to stay warm.

Sorry body. I don't agree.

Haven't lost anything since yesterday, but I weighed in pre-BM, and I didn't gain an ounce, so I'm not too concerned... I just need to stay super motivated today and not eat anything overboard... My body will start releasing the weight again...

I've had a salad with chicken for 250 cals so far today, and I'm planning an apple while at work (and NOTHING else!) and then some tea when I get home to warm me up and keep me satisfied and not eating.

Tomorrow I plan to take an addy, get a workout in first thing in the morning and then consume very little food... Like possibly only a naked juice all day. I've been going light on the addy lately, and it's been easy, so I know I can do without them if I really want to.

Well, off to get a shower and warm up my bones.

Think thin, ladies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Losing and feeling motivated

I've been doing reeeeally well.

I went out for New year, overdid it a bit, but recovered...

Yesterday I decided to have a higher intake day simply because I know my body and my metabolism has a tendency to slow a bit after not eating much for several days... I was scared to weigh in this morning, but I was actually DOWN half a pound.

Thank GOD.

I'm staying SO motivated. I took the brother to the lake today and we jogged around it and did some resistance and balance exercises as well. Burned a lot of calories, and my arms HURT. But the pain feels great...

I want to feel skinny and fit at the end of this month when the hubby and I go on our weekend. And I have a long way to go... I'd like to lose at least 7 by then. I know I can... It's only a matter if determination.

Today I would LIKE to not eat anything, but we'll see how it goes. I have to cook dinner later so I may have to... I also have some edamame in the freezer so I may just stick to that.

Tues thru Sat I have decided to be suuuper dedicated while I'm at work... It might be rough, but I'm on such a high right now. The weight is dropping off, and I'm so excited to see it go. I bought soups, naked juices, and veggies and fruit and I'm going to stick to it!

I'm going to ride this motivation balloon into the sky.

Thank thin, ladies.