Friday, January 6, 2012

Losing but not fast enough

B: Addy and a workout: burned 400 cals.
L: Egg whites, whole grain bread, little potato, naked juice: 400 cals.
D: Random shit. - mia'd.
Total: who knows.

This morning I'm back down a pound... It's still not low enough and when I see the actual number every morning it's hard to be happy about my 5 pound weight loss in less than a week, because I still have SO far to go.

And I want to be there NOW.

I want to lose about 7 pounds by the end of the month... I know I can. I just need to stay calm and not eat.

Auuugh I need to clean my house and I have zeroooo motivation.

Maybe an addy this morning?

Oh and for those who were asking... I buy them off the black market. Ha ha! From a girl I used to work with... Her boyfriend is a pill pusher.

Think thin, ladies!



  1. 5 pounds in less than a week is great! You're doing really well :)
    You lost it fast, so be careful not to gain it all back! (I'm sure you won't)
    Haha I want some addy :( sounds bloody fantastic! But I would have no idea where to get it!
    Lottie x

  2. I'm impatient too. I want what I want for my weight NOW. Hang in there.

  3. you're doing so well, don't get down on yourself. at least you're working out which is way more than i can say!

  4. I want to be there now too. Hence the extreme behaviors that leads to Mia issues. Trying very hard to break that habit & be patience.

  5. Cally, its been forever since the last time I wrote. If you have the time, go to my blog where I explain what I was going through last year. Anyway.... I'm back and ready to read a lot from you and to be your friend in this journey.