Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's hard rn

B: Egg whites, onion and pepper, FF cheese, one strip turkey bacon, tomato - 150 cals
L: Potato, green beans - 150 cals
D: Zucchini, squash, tomato sauce, little beef - 200 cals
S: Nuts - 100 cals
Total: 600 cals

I'm so hungry. I've been hungry for about 3 days. But, it's ok... I know my body will adjust soon. The cravings for sugar have diminished a little, though right now I'm fighting heading into the kitchen and wolfing down some cookies. I even looked at thinspo for the past hour and it's not enough to make me stop feeling so fucking hungry. Hopefully this just means my period is coming... 

Tomorrow is a springs day. Not looking forward to the bikini or being around others wearing them all day. But there's quite a bit of walking involved at the park, so I'm hoping to get in a decent workout while I'm there. 

I need to start working out this week. I need a gym. There's nowhere to do it here. There's no privacy. I feel stressed about the prospect. But Tuesday I'm getting myself to a gym. No questions. 

And I need a waist trainer. And money. And my mom to back off. But most of all I need to be thin. 

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