Monday, January 4, 2010

Fat. Cow.

Yesterday morning I was down another lb, but I'm scared to weigh today... We'll weigh tomorrow.

I was BAD, ladies.

I got the night off of work last night, and the fiance and I went out to dinner, and I got wasted, stoned, and ate like a cow. When we got home, I ate almost an entire box of dry cereal (healthy cereal, mind you, but still horrifying) and TWO cheese quesadillas.

After we had gone out to dinner.

I threw up after dinner. Threw up after most of the cereal, and took a lax after the rest of the cereal and quesadillas.

My system flushed this morning, but I'm still scared to weigh myself. If I'm not still at 120, I would be even MORE furious at myself.

I can NOT let myself drink too much or smoke pot because this ALWAYS happens.

Gotta run. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you poor sweet! The cereal gets me too. Almost every time I go to the supermarket I umm & ahh in the cereal department for ages deliberating over whether or not I can trust myself to buy a box. And every time I DO buy one, I inhale it almost the moment I open it. So now I always say no. CANNOT moderate cereal. So sad, because I do love it :(.

    But on the plus side, you have been doing so brilliantly well lately, you hit your second goal weight, and all the hard work kinda earned you a little slip up. It happens. The key is to not let it derail you for more than a day. You'll be OK!. You're brilliant and lovely :)