Saturday, January 30, 2010

Work birthdays are bad news

Down to 119lbs this morning.

I basically didn't digest anything substantial yesterday.

I went to work and binged and purged... It wasn't planned, and I'm not proud. There was just so much food around. Birthday cake, pasta, rice. I ate all of it and then purged it up and went back to work. I hadn't eaten anything at that point, and the food sat SO heavy and gross and the guilt was just too much.

Fucking work birthday parties.

Then to punish myself I didn't eat anything else until after my shift when I had a few bites of this and that and about 100 cals of popcorn.

Obviously it paid off though.

It's bad when mia rewards me.

I have to run ladies. The snow is SO bad that the fiance is bringing me into work early so I don't have to drive.

Think thin!

Real-ish update tomorrow.

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