Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Day Challenge: Fail

Around 1,000 cals already today.

I'm so bloated. I didn't throw it up though... I'm making myself suffer through it.

I will not throw up.

I won't... Even though I want to more than anything.

I'm going to the gym tonight and not stopping until I burn off 1,000 calories.

I'm not eating anything else today either.

Fuck I'm a moron.

Tomorrow I will do better.

Tomorrow I will plan and execute and not let steamed rice win.

I feel disgusting.


  1. I am also afraid my fiance will find my blog....its a scary thought!

  2. Stay strong girly, im sure you'll burn those cals like its nothing =)

    Better luck 2moz, remember 2moz is always a new day.


  3. Its okay hun, your body will probably burn them off super quick since its not used to the number.

    Thanks for your comment too :]

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3