Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Party = successful, current weight gain = not so much

My party was really good.

There were about 70 people, a ton of alcohol, and not TOO much craziness (Only 2 naked people, 4 bushes pee-ers, 2 vommiters, and one drunk guy passed out under the porch) Nothing got broken or stolen, and no one that wasn't invited showed up.

However, I drank a TON and not my usual low-cal drinks (We're talking hundreds of alcohol/sugar calories... I don't even remember) and got stoned as well, and ATE. Potato salad, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chips, cookies... And yes, all of these items are plural.

Needless to say, I gained, and felt like SHIT the next day both physically and mentally. Augh.

NOW I'm back to super restricting because I have to get measured for my wedding gown on TUESDAY!

My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 6 days... I can do this if I am firm and put my mind to it... And even if I don't manage to, whatever I lose will be better than my current weight and make my dress smaller.

Today's intake has been only a salad and I plan to have some fruit and a Sugarfree Red Bull, putting my day at about 300 cals.

I can DO it.

I will do it.

Good evening, ladies. Think thin.

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  1. I am STILL trying to recover from my party set back last weekend. Nothing like that to motivate you. Stick to it!