Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party drama

I'm down about 4 pounds.

I'm having a party tomorrow, and there is DRAMA.

I didn't invite Chevy. I'm trying to break all ties with Chevy. I drunk texted him, and regretted it and haven't spoken to him since.

I did NOT invite him.

I've been AVOIDING him.

Someone told Chevy about my party, Heath texted me saying he knows, is planning on coming

I toast an English muffin, slather is with peanut butter, take a bite, about to binge my ass off. Then I stop. I put it down.

This will only lead to shittier feelings all day long. I have to wear a bikini tomorrow night... This is a bad idea.

I give the dog a bite, throw the rest in the garbage and pour dish soap on it. I walk away.

WTF do I do????

I text Chevy and tell him he's not invited.

I feel like a bitch.


  1. Go girlll (on the saving yourself from a binge)! As for Chevy, who cares? It's whats best for you in the long run. So think good thoughts, and keep it uppp.


  2. Omgosh, 4 lbs?! AWESOME!! And... and you totally stopped what could have been an extremely awful binge - amazing!
    Tell Chevy to F-off? Is it like a wedding related party, or just a party party? Regardless, it seems like he's just there to play mind games.

  3. Chevy can go to hell! Don't feel bad. You don't owe him a thing.

  4. don't feel like a bitch. chevy is not good for you or your relationship with your fiance.

    you aren't a bitch at all either, he's actually quite a jerk to tell u he's coming even though he wasn't invited!