Friday, June 4, 2010

Party or workout?

Home from work suuuuper fucking early tonight.

We were SO slow, 2 of us went.

I'm currently contemplating whether to go to the gym or a party... The fiance hasn't' texted me back about the party, and I feel a bit guilty going without him and without hearing from him, AND I REALLY should do a workout... Plus all those liquid calories...

My fun side is saying I should enjoy my night off, even though I'll be THE oldest person at this party... But my mature side is saying to clean the house, do a workout, and relax a bit...

Ana wins.

I'm staying home no matter how mad HP gets...

Some parties are not worth it.

EDIT: 9:42pm.

I should have gone to the party...

Instead I had a B&P... I just couldn't stop.

Candy, cookies, chips, cereal, peanut butter.

Now it's swirling in the septic tank while I re-hydrate on the couch... Mad at myself for fucking up a 5 day streak of no purging and a 4 day streak of amazing restricting.

Oh well.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. I hate that feeling...not knowing whether to go...the same usually happens to me too..I hate being alone around food because the little demon that lives in my stomach is screaming at me to eat it all...then I feel like I blank out n then all the wrappers are sitting in front of my as the food floats inside my fatself....its sooo hard but your blogs are really inspiration for me...thanks