Thursday, June 3, 2010


Consumed 300 cals today, and it's 9pm. My goal is to not eat annnymore today.
Totally do-able.

I did a crazy cardio video this morning, and 300 jumping jacks to account for no workout yesterday.

In other news, my job sucks lately... I'm so over it. I told my boss yesterday I wanted to give up my promotion... Yes, I told him I wanted a demotion.

Crazy? Maybe, but whatever... I've never claimed that I'm not crazy.

I openly admit it.

I just can't handle the complete pile of bullshit that they want me to trudge through anymore... If I were wanting to stay on in the company, I would have dealt with it, but I do NOT... I'm moving in 7 months, and I hate, hate, HATE how they're all acting lately. And I can't NOT be involved and still maintain my job, SO there you have it.

I'm OUT.

Man I want to smoke after just THINKING about that hell-hole.

Speaking of smoking, I REALLY wish I could be one of those girls who can smoke and not get the immediate urge to pig the fuck out... You know?

I wish I was an intellectual type from 70's London who could smoke and discuss politics and paint and sip black coffee.

Instead of a fat cow who pigs out on Cheetos and snack cakes.

Which is why I'm staying AWAY from weed lately... Until I can channel a muse.

Speaking of muses, here is some thinspo... A little black and white... My favorite.


  1. You'll be pleased to know that even though you snack when you're stoned there are people worse off than you. I turn into a cow with a four chambered bottomless pit stomach when I'm high and can literally consume 5 day's worth of calories in one night. Haha so you are probably doing 1000 times better than me :)

  2. Took me a long time to figure out how to not binge after I've smoked. I've noticed that working out while stoned is the best. It keeps you occupied, and goes so quickly you barely even notice it.
    Plus gum, and mineral water with lemon is perfect.
    Hope that helps. :)