Monday, February 22, 2010

Cleanse & Fast

My cleanse is going well... The juice I bought it supposed to be eaten with fruits, vegetables, broths, and gelatin, but I'm not having anything with it... It surprisingly settles my stomach and boosts my blood-sugar, so I'm not GOING to eat.

I feel tired though...

I am not having a huge problem avoiding food yet (7pm is usually my toughest time period for hunger, so in about 2 hours I should be my hungriest) but any time I see something accessible, I think, "POUNCE!" I have been able to easily move on so far... I'm planning on cleaning the house a bit and then showering soon and tomorrow if I get through today, going clothes shopping and tanning... That should keep me motivated not to eat!!!

Thinspo, ladies... I need all I can get today.


  1. Sounds like things are going well for you! I'm fasting for Lent and it is NOT easy. I usually don't go more than a few hours without hearing SOMETHING, so going more than 10 hours without a bit has been hard. I find that water just makes hungrier, so i avoid that all day, too.

    What is the name of the juice you are drinking? Is it helping with your (ir)regularity?

  2. Good luck! Stay strong, you can do it, and were all here to support you. I love your thinspo- I haven't seen most of those pictures yet, and their gorgeous! Elegant, warm lighting, and completely fabulous. Keep it up!