Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 pounds in 2 weeks

Yesterday I did even better than planned, and when I weighed in this morning, I weighed 119. Yesss. I guess my body is shedding the weight quickly because of my erratic behavior lately... My metabolism is leveling back out, maybe?

I would love to lose at least 9 pounds by the 25th. Is that possible? 2 weeks? Is that enough time? I think it is... We'll see.

My birthday is February 22nd, but the 25th-28th the fiance and I are going back home to see my family and friends. I want to look skinny-minny by then. I want all my friends to see how fabulous I'm doing... I scheduled a haircut, I bought some new clothes in smaller sizes... Now it's just the 9 pounds and a tan.

Do you know how amazing I would feel if I weighed 110 when I went home!? Augh, it would be amazing... And I feel REALLY motivated right now... Let's hope it holds out.

Well, ladies, I'm sure I'll blog later... All this time off has been fabulous because I've been able to blog so much... Even though they're sick days... LOL!

Think thin and stay strong!

Thinspo... I'm SO inspired.

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  1. Oh you can definitely do it! Suck up all that inspiration and use it. We will be so thin and lovely for our birthdays. After 2 days of juice fasting my weight is coming down beautifully, but I almost caved last night. This morning I'm feeling fractionally stronger. Maybe I can make it through another day :)