Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Emotional binging is the worst kind

Ladies, I have been a fucking WRECK lately...

Chevy is back... For those of you who don't know know who he is, this is bad bad news.

His sudden presence back at work after a month of not seeing him caused me to go nuts... Vicious mia cycle that of course made me gain a bit... I'm not even sure exactly how much, but I'm back on track now... He's not an issue. He as his stupid mind games and the way he likes to fuck around with my emotions and make me feel like I shouldn't be with the fiance because HE wants to be with me are no longer going to affect me... While he was gone, I forgot about him in a sense. I had forgotten how fucking twisted he really is and how our relationship had morphed from a casual friendship into some crazy game and hwo I had ended it before New Girl even caem along (She's gone now, btw). But Sunday I saw it again. I did not miss him... And now I miss his absence.

But he's not a focus anymore and neither is my ED plagued Bestie.

My looming birthday is the only issue I need to focus on... And being thin for it.

I'm SO sick though lately, so working out has not been a serious option. I woke up this morning dry-heaving green stuff... Bile I guess... Augh. I have the worst head cold and I can't eat certain things... Which is good because my appetite is like zero, but I can only eat things like bread. I had a piece of dry toast, some honey tea, and a cup of soup today so far...
145 cals... So nice and low...

I'm planning on some potatoes (130) and maybe another piece of dry toast and an egg... Or popcorn... We'll see when the time comes.

Tomorrow will be good as well... I'll make it be good.

Off to watch a movie, ladies. Think thin.


  1. Mmmmmmm dry toast + egg. You just decided my lunch for me :)
    Unless its extremely vital for work situations..

  2. I'm going through the same thing... emotional eating IS the worst kind of eating. Its scary; I feel like I can't stop; I want to get rid of the pain... once I finally do stop... I survey the damage and think "damn, now I have to get this all up". It sucks.

    Try and keep yourself sane. IDK what happened with Chevy, but stay away from him if you can. Good luck

  3. dry toast and egg does sound oddly appealing at the moment. Perhaps because I'm about to go to bed after juice fasting today and ANYTHING solid sounds appealing!

    Let's make tomorrow good, I'm in!