Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planning for my birthday

So far today:
Peaches - 60
Salad - 130
Planning: 200 cal lunch with the fiance
100 cal snack for dinner.
Total: 490
And maybe a jell-o cup for 10 cals.

I had a major break-down last night and got extremely depressed with myself... I vowed to lose this weight before I go back home for my birthday... Then I will allow myself ONE birthday meal and not worry about the calories and not throw it back up.

That will be my reward.

I weighted in today, and I'm at 120. Which is honestly WAY better than I anticipated... I guess I'm just FEELING way fatter lately, and not necessarily looking fatter... It's amazing

I'm still depressed, but not letting it lead to a bingey-binge-binge... We're turning things around.

I WILL execute my plan today and do well.

Think thin, ladies.

Thanks for the comments lately.


  1. Stay strong.
    And congratulations for getting to 120.
    I'm barely at 130, and I can't stand it.

    Your food for today looks pretty good.

  2. My birthday is 20th of Feb. There's no possible way I can lose all of the weight I want to by then, but perhaps I can reach my second goal weight of 53kg. I think that should be a pretty impressive effort and certainly something to work towards!

    When's your birthday?