Monday, November 30, 2015

Bye, Adam

Dreamed about Adam last night. Which is weird because, since Ee's birthday almost a week ago, I haven't seen or heard from him. He was supposed to work last night, but it was slow, so they called him off. I was relieved when I got to work and saw he wasn't there, because I'm honestly annoyed with him. I actually don't fucking like him anymore...

For some reason, when I dream of him, my head turns him into a nice person. But he's not... Not at all. In my dream he texts me and asks how I am, when in reality that never happens. In reality, he's insanely selfish.

And honestly, he's not a factor at this moment anyway, because the boyfriend and I are working hard to keep our love alive. It hasn't been easy lately. And it's me... I have been having crazy highs and lows... One moment I feel on top of things and like I could take on the world, and the next I drink a whole bottle of wine and purge. I feel overwhelmed, and I'm having SUCH a hard time losing weight. My body seems to be so stuck at this moment at this current horrid weight, I don't know what to do... I'm about to give in to Ana for real...

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