Sunday, November 15, 2015


Weight loss... Thumbs down.

But, in other news, Lolly hooked up with MW, and I'm honestly jealous. Strangely. I know I could have had that at one point, and I decided not to... I chose Adam instead, and look how that turned out...

Though today he asked me what my schedule is like lately... I didn't think too much of it, but it felt like there was a hint of "I miss hanging out."

But anyway... I like MW. He's been a good buddy to me, and even though we've had some issues, I think he's a good guy... Do I want him? No. Do I think that would be any kind of a good option for my life? No. Do I think he respects Lolly at all or even wants a girl like her? No. Do I think he's mentally stable in the least? No.

But does it annoy me? Yes... Partly because he has talked so much SHIT about her in the past, and I literally defended her, and now he fucks her? Oooookay... And partly because he's told me and even HER how much he likes me. But I'm not available so you fuck one of my best friends? Like, what is that?

I need to talk to Ee about it...

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