Friday, December 4, 2009

An actual update.

FINALLY a real update...

I have been doing SO well until Friday night. Oh, the dreaded weekend.

I got off work with a sore body and a longing to get wasted, and I made a HUGE error. I got stoned out of my MIND and ate and ate and ate for HOURS.

Literally hours, ladies.

Or at least it felt like that. Carbs and sugar and bread and cheese and fatty meat and all kinds of shit I should NOT be eating. I mean, I ate a freaking tuna melt. Are you KIDDING me!?

The next morning I was mortified. I couldn't even remember all I had eaten, nor did I want to. I did not want to calculate.

My waking thoughts were, "Scale! Now!" and then after that horrifying number, "Gym! Now!"

I worked out for a hour solid, non-stop until I was about to collapse and had to get ready for work.

Then I did not eat my entire shift at work.

And I ended my day with some cereal, brussel sprouts, and a rice cake at around 300 cals. (Which I burned more than that at the gym)

This morning, the scale says I've redeemed myself. Thank God.

I do not care to re-live that EVER again. No more weed for this girl.

In other news, in my quest for thinness, I have discovered a couple wonderful food options...

I was reading online the other day and it suggested turkey wrapped around pickles, SO I did some research and if you buy fat free turkey and dill pickles, you can eat a shit-ton for under 100 cals. The other day I ate 4 slices of turkey breast wrapped around 4 pickle spears for 100 cals. And you cal buy pickles that have ZERO calories! Isn't the crazy!? I guess the vinegar in them makes them have literally no calories when I looked into this.

So, ladies, buy pickles. Vinegar helps burn fat and they have flavor which is a nice change.

AND I did a little more research/experimenting, and I found a DIP/DRESSING that I deem ana approved. If you mix ranch dip mix (there are ones with ZERO cals) with fat free plain yogurt instead of sour cream, you get a mix that is only about 12 calories a TB. TWELVE. That's lower than most dressings.

And it's DELICIOUS and a little goes a long way!

So nice. Now you can have your deli trays.

BUT, in other news, this documentary is AMAZING if you are in need of a little tinspo. It's called "Ballerina" and it's amazingly beautiful... those girls are PERFECT.

It took me FOREVER to find it in English, but here you have it! (This is the first of 8 parts.)

I didn't eat for about 12 hours after watching it, so I hope it inspires all of you as well! I also added it to my links on the side there so you can all have the link available whenever.

But, alas, I must go ladies. I need to squeeze in a workout before work today and I need to start getting ready soon.

Think thin, girls!


  1. Hey, I'm a ballerina myself, and trust me, that girl is AMAZING!
    Her feet are beautiful and her body shape and alignment is perfect. People have no idea of the discipline of ballet dancers, or of the pain they work through to get to where they are. Truly amazing.