Sunday, December 27, 2009


No food yet today, and I squeezed in an hour workout this morning.

I guess I did better than I thought yesterday because when I stepped on the scale this morning, my weight was 2 pounds less than 2 days ago.

I'm THREE pounds away from GW#2. Yesss!

I am hoping to get the last 3 off by the 1st... I know that's only 5 days away, but I can do it if I try hard enough... And the fact that I've been at the weight I'm at now for a while and kind of plateaued here while eating more than usual means that if I go back to SERIOUS restricting and working out, it will come off easily.

So that is my goal... My countdown to the new year. And regardless of what I am at, I'm going to tell you all my weight on the 1st... This seems trivial, but it's actually kind of terrifying. I still have a ways to go, but my resolution is to be more open, no matter how embarrassed I am. Or how paranoid I am that you all will go back to previous entries and start adding up the numbers and determine how fucking FAT I was...

I think I'll also do some pictures... On the 1st. It will motivate me more, I know for sure. Yes, temporary pictures after the first as well.

But all that aside, while I was at the gym this morning, I was reading People magazine's December 2009 issue, and ladies you have GOT to get it. We're talking some major thinspo. It has Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston on the cove and a couple more women... It's their issue with the hottest women. SO inspiring.

But, I gotta run, ladies. I have to leave for work in an hour, and I need to swing by somewhere and get a salad... Hm, maybe Subway. That's a good idea...

Think thin, ladies!

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  1. Good luck with your goal weight!
    I'm sure you can make it :)
    Stay Strong.
    Xx. Lillie