Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We'll see

I understand so much more today, but it doesn't make it any easier.

I fucked up last night. He fucked up more.

Does everyone deserve a chance? Do people ever change?

Why can't I let GO of certain things? Why do I think I have the right to act crazy and nothing bad will happen?

I hit him first. Body slammed him onto the floor. I was angry. He wouldn't stop being fucked up, but how could he?

I should have walked away. I should have let it go til morning. I should have handled things differently so many times last night...

I'm not trying to justify his actions. I'm not saying we're staying together or that everything is fixable... I'm just saying I made mistakes. Mistakes that I won't make again.


  1. I've been in your situation once before. the boyfriend got drunk and we got into it. he choked me and grabbed my arm so hard that i had a huge bruise for days afterwards. i burned his face with my cigarette to get him offa me. i decided to let it go. i took off my engagement ring and i kept if off until i was ready to wear it again about two months later. It took me some time to completely get over it. Ive since forgiven him but i dont think i can ever forget it. It all comes down to whether you think that he's really hurting over what he did, and whether you think he will do it again. the occurence will definately give you leverage to keep him from getting drunk like that again. sit down with him, and let him know that you dont appreciate what he did and that if it ever happens again you'll leave. if he's never done it before i think that everyone deserves a second chance. marriage is forever <3
    hope i helped gorgeous.

  2. I still think you should call the cops on his ass.