Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm a total fat-ass.

Ladies, I have been doing SO BAD lately... I've totally gained.

I'm not going to make excuses... Sometimes I just don't have ANY self-control.

And the past 2 weeks have been like that... I keep telling myself I'll make it up... That I'll regain self control. That I'll get back on track. And then I lose self-control... Until I get so SICK of myself that I can't stand myself. And then I don't eat ANYTHING and I throw EVERYTHING up, and I lose again.

I feel so disgusted with myself.

But I can't go back... Only forward.

Today's intake:
B: Chicken, asparagus, rice, and a steamed egg roll at a noodle shop in town.
L: Nothing.
D: Mia.

And that's all. Time to get my ass back in gear so I don't have to hate myself so much anymore.

I love you ladies, don't be ashamed of me.


  1. Never ashamed. We all have our ups and down...we CAN"T be ashamed of you that'd be hypocritical!!

    Just like you said, you can't go back, only move forward!

    And you will!

    Keep your head up Cally!


  2. How could we ever be ashamed of you!?
    We love you; always have, always will.
    Heres what i think you should do; blog daily, blog hourly, read constantly.. It gets you so deep into this world that theres no way to lose sight of your goals.. Thats generally the only thing that helps me when i go off on a binge streak..