Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sick and Fudgsicles

I've been gone for almost 10 days because I've been so SICK.

My body got completely worn down, and I ended up spending about 4 days in bed coughing, sneezing, feeling generally shitty. Augh. SO I had a gain of about 2.5lbs from no activity for about a week. It's amazing that number isn't higher.

But I'm FINALLY starting to feel better, so it's back to losing weight! And tanning, which I'm going to make myself do at least 3 times a week since I'm paying for it every month regardless.

Today's plan: (haven't eaten yet)

B: Cereal - 120
L: Frozen healthy dinner - 200ish (whichever one has the most protein)
D: Salad (that I already made and packed for work) - 100 (Mostly neg cal tho)
After work: Fudgesicle - 40

This should put my day right at around 500.

Oh, and BTW, the No Sugar Added Popsicle Fudgsicle Bars are AMAZING! They taste SO good, and they're only 40 cals a bar, and since they're fidgesicles, they melt slowly, so you can eat them for longer. I would advise though, that if icecream is a trigger food for you, I might avoid them because they taste JUST like icecream here.

Anyway, ladies, I have to run. I have to go to work soon... I may skip the cereal seeing as how I'm running out of time.

I'll catch up on all of you tomorrow!


  1. Wow! I only just started following your blog before I went away for a month. I'll have to start reading you again!!

    Your plan sounds great, as do the fudgsicles, but we don't get them in Australia. Booo!