Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Revised yet again.

When the fiance came home yesterday, he forced me to eat. I picked and prodded, but still broke my fast... Which I was SO mad about, but what can I do? I told him about work and he started questioning my daily intake, and there you have it.

I haven't eaten yet today, but I'm contemplating if I should even plan on attending the B-day dinner... I feel like I need to go because all the girls I work with are going, but I don't want to EAT.

FUCK this.

I think after I drop the fiance off at work, I'll go to the gym and burn off as many cals as I'm going to eat tonight plus some and then not eat anything until I go to dinner and then nothing after...

And then I'll fast Sunday. Sunday I'm not working, and the fiance will be at work all day, so I can REALLY fast.

I've already dropped a bit of my re-gain weight, so if I stick to today and then plan Thurs-Sat and fast Sunday, I'll be better than I was.

I'm mad about the fast, but there's nothing I can do about it now, so Sunday it is! And today I'm only eating the salad.

Good plan? I think so.

The name of my blog should be "Constant Revision."

I'll post after dinner, loves!

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  1. I'll tell you something someone told me, "sometimes people with the best intentions fuck things up." dont you agree?

    I hope you have got everything figured out to make it all run smoothly and YOU can get through it with confidence.

    I was gonna say I would fast with you but I can't sunday.. have a BBQ dinner to go to sometime during the day.. but maybe next time =)