Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back from Dinner

Dinner went well.

We ordered a lot of little things for the 1st and 2nd courses and shared them, so I was able to pick and no one noticed that I barely ate anything off the plates.

And when it came time for dinner I ordered a side salad and barely picked at it.

So the food went good, especially since that as all I ate today, and the dinner itself was amazingly relaxing and nice.

I adore the girls I work with, and I'm really glad I went... We talked and talked for HOURS.

But, I have to run... There really wasn't a point opdating except it helps me... LOL!

OH, and last night I watched Disfigured. Watch it!


  1. You go gurl! Way to prove it IS possible to starve AND socialise like a normal person too :)


  2. I'll watch that show as soon as possible. Thanks!