Sunday, July 5, 2009


I totally binged today.

God I hate myself. I'm about to cry typing this...

It's like once I eat one bad thing in my day, I keep eating complete shit because I think, "Well, I already blew today."

I'm such a fucking failure, and I'm never going to be thin if I keep it up.

Intake today??? Probably like 1700 cals.

FUCK me, that's awful... I ate complete shit.

I'm such a fat cow...

I truly hate myself.

I've been doing so well too... What the fuck came over me???

I need a new bracelet to remind me.

Now I'm going to look like shit tomorrow in my clothes.

I'm going to go take a lax and cry because there's no way in hell I can wear a bikini tomorrow now.


Fuck you, Cally.

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