Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank God I'm loosing.

Down a whopping 4.5 pounds this morning when I stepped on the scale!!!

Yesterday's intake was 625 cals... Damn good for me lately.

So far today I've had some strawberries and lowfat yogurt, so that's about 65 cals.

I think the BF wants to cook chicken and some other stuff, so the goal is measure, count, pick.

But I have to run and take the dog out... Always the stupid dog when the BF isn't here and I can properly blog!!!

Real update on Sunday.

Possibly fake update later.

Love you ladies!


  1. wow good job on the weight loss.

  2. omg good job on ditching those pounds!! Keep it up hun :)

  3. Hi
    good job on the weight loss.
    i enjoyed reading your blog from start really much.
    and it distracted me from thanks
    keep going