Friday, May 22, 2009

Fuck, fuck, fuck.


I did okay... Not great, but I made up for it.

B: Orange - 40
L: Chicken thigh/2 bites veggies - 130
D: Mixed greens, balsamic - 30

Good, right? But here's where it went fucking SOUTH!

After dinner at work: A sandwich! A freakin' sandwich! And a cookie! Ew ew ew...

The cookie was about 200 cals, and the sandwich... I have no idea. Prolly like 285 ish.

Which would have brought my day to around 700... BUT I threw up the sandwich... I know... Bad me. But whatever... I have GOT to get back on track.

Then I went to the gym when I got home at midnight. I burned about 300 cals, plus whatever I burned at work running around all night.

SO, yesterday = not terrible.

But today I feel like shit... Total shit...

The Fiance is making fucking spaghetti for lunch...

Mia? Absolutely... OR maybe I'll just pick at it and say I'm not hungry...

I can't avoid the pasta - he's already all upset because we had a ROUGH morning of broken condoms, lack of BC, and a morning after pill. I feel like absolute SHIT.

AND I'm supposed to go see my Bestie tomorrow for the weekend, and I'm nervous about all the social eating over the weekend... It'll be okay though.

I'll make it be okay.

SO, so far today?
B: Orange and some random bites of stuff - 140
L: Veggies and spaghetti - Around 200 if I focus on veggies and avoid the spaghetti.
D: 160 cals left. (Prolly mixed greens w/balsamic at work for about 30 cals, and something else... We'll see... I should bring something... I think I will, in fact... Maybe fruit or something...)

I'm focusing on 500 cals a day again... I did well when I did this. Never any more than 600 cals, and the lower the day, the better!

I think the 2,4,6,8 was too much for me... So we'll see if I start losing weight with my 500 goal again... And then maybe I'll lower it...

And the GYM is a MUST!

BUT anyway... I'm going to run... See if I can help the F.

More again tonight!

EDIT: 2:23 pm.

Lunch over!

155 cals total, I'd estimate... Picked at the pasta, and ate veggies.

Sauce - 20 cals
Beef - 60
Pasta - 50
Veggies - 25

I think... Close enough, anyway... I just spent about freakin' 20 mins estimating this!

Leaves me 205 cals for the rest of the day... About 170 after the greens, I'd say... I'm going to try not to eat though!!!

Later, lovers.

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  1. You're doing so well, just no more sandwiches, and no more purges!
    Good luck today and with the social situation :)