Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weight ramblings and Adam revelation

This weekend we had to go to my parent's house, so eating could have been a terrible, awful thing. It turned out okay, however. I ate differently than everyone else did. I didn't have pancakes or nachos or a lot of other things, but I had bites here and there of things I wanted.

My mom's scale is a couple pounds lighter than mine. It was weird to get so excited/agitated/annoyed by that like back in the day.

Adam annoys me. He's just so... Rehearsed and not genuine. Not spontaneous or risky... Wow, that's so it. He doesn't take risks. He doesn't leave his comfort zone, ever... Nothing is worth it enough for him to do so. How sad... It's quite pathetic really. To be so alone and stuck. Stuck because you're too scared to feel hurt. The last one must have hurt him very much... Makes me want to talk to him about it. I might actually text him...

Anyway, today's eats, for old times sake:
B: Oatmeal with blueberries.
L: Cabbage slaw with chicken.
D: Creamed spinach.
S: Almonds, bite of cake, couple chips, couple pieces candy.
Total: Acceptable.

Tomorrow is homework go time!

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