Thursday, December 10, 2015

Goal Weights

This morning's weight: 150lbs


And the worst part is about a week ago, I was MORE.

It's so disgusting when just a few short years ago, I was about to hit my UGW of 110lbs. How crazy is the human body?? I've weighed everything from 114lbs to 165lbs.

Honestly right now I don't even know what weight I want to be... Very low, if I'm honest with myself, but I know the boyfriend would be annoyed. When we started dating,  I was around 120, and he thought I was too thin. He seemed to be the most interested when I weighed around 130-135...

SO, CGW = 133lbs. Then maybe onto 130lbs just to make myself feel good... But I'll reevaluate.

At 133, I feel like I honestly have nothing to worry about. I'll still have boobs and a butt to pacify everyone else, but I'll be thin enough to feel good again. Like I don't want to die... Because right now I do.

So, 17lbs... Not an easy task, but much less than some people have to lose.

Time to make it happen.

Today's planned eats:
B: Apple and tea - 40 cals
L: Chicken and salad - 200 cals
S: Grapes before my final - 50 cals
D: Salmon and veggies - 200 cals
S: Fudge pop - 40 cals
Total: 530 cals

Think thin.

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