Sunday, October 4, 2015

The game

It's all just a big fat game now, isn't it? That's ok, though. I can play it better, guaranteed.

He wants attention on his terms only, and I find satisfaction in denying it to him. He makes a passive aggressive comment as he walks away as an attempt to make me feel stupid. It doesn't, and I know it was said because HE felt stupid. He wanted closeness and a hug, and I could feel it and instead didn't even make eye contact. 

Fuck you.

Thanks for wishing me a nice day. I would return the favor, but there have been so many times when I texted you nice shit and you didn't respond. I deleted your number, and I have no intention of ever texting you first again. I tried. And the fact that you texted me back today a million hours later doesn't fix anything.

But it definitely makes me feel better. I removed emotion, so now it's just all about the game.

And today, I won.

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