Monday, October 19, 2015


I'm annoyed.

My mother is so close-minded she doesn't understand life sometimes. It's hard for me to even talk to her, and when I ask her to drop things, she just DOESN'T. It makes me avoid her...

Lolly is avoiding me, and I don't know why... We're having some kind of an issue, and I think she's annoyed that I don't have time for her. But I just don't. I can't really do anything about it either. I know we will fix this, but something is up, and I don't like it...

And the boyfriend is making me feel superrrr lonely. I asked him to come to bed last night, and he wouldn't. Today he worked longer than he was supposed to, and I asked him if he was closing, assuming he'd know I wanted him home. However, he called me to say that even though he's not closing and that he's getting off, that he's going to hang out with a friend before he comes home. Ok cool, so I'm not a priority... Gotcha.

I spent the entire sex session last night feeling preoccupied and distracted. I don't get enough affection, and he doesn't seem to get it still. I feel myself diving back into unhappiness, and I don't like it.

I'm going to bed at midnight. Cinderella doesn't need this shit.

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