Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Physically a wreck

My body is a wreck...

First, I got a disgusting sinus infection that would not effing go away... It weakened my immune system and hung on so badly that I ended up getting a yeast infection. Lovely. Then I started antibiotics to treat both infections and while it's working, it's too strong and fucked up my birth control so I'm having breakthrough bleeding mid-pack (Since I barley ever have a full on period these days because of my stress level.) I could not figure out why I had cramps all fucking day long. Then it all fit together. To top it off, my shoulder is sooo fucked up that I can barely even take a full breath in without wincing... I'm fucking miserable. 

So currently rocking the end of a sinus infection, the middle of a yeast infection, and beginning period symptoms with a busted ass shoulder. 

All because of stress. Motherfucking stress. Brought on by the ninny I live with. Who I'm not taking it easy on. 

Probably a good thing this all came about tho or I would be at Paul's house tonight... 

Not helping me to figure my life out, to be quite honest. 

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