Monday, June 29, 2015


forgot what it felt like, but here it is. I did not eat all day today until dinner. I felt good. 

I felt great, actually. 

Then, when I arrived home, I did not smoke and binge like usual. I ate some chicken and broccoli and a bit of potatoes, and I called it a night. 

But, the night does not want to cooperate. The sleeplessness, the restlessness, the complete lack of being able to turn off my brain returns.

I've spent a lot of my life suffering from insomnia. Years, actually. Lying in bed not able to stop thinking about stupid shit that doesn't matter at fucking all. 

Tonight, I return. I knew I would when I decided to stop smoking for a bit here. But, alas. Se la vie. I have got to stop spending too much money smoking too much pot and eating too much crap. 

Sleep will return eventually, and maybe I'll lose some weight and get some shit done in the meantime. 

Here's hoping sleep comes soon.

Goodnight, pretties. 

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