Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Same ole

Made out with Bird again... This time after work in the parking lot in his girlfriend's car... While the skies dumped out rain and I felt like I was sexy.

We have a time limit... Its reached, and I get into my car and drive away. He calls me and says he's going to be thinking about me all night.

He's legitimately starting to like me. Asks me if we can do something together Friday. Asks me if he can take me on a day trip in a month.

I'm using him. For attention, alcohol, favors at work, and to feel desirable. He calls me a tease and lets me.

It's all becoming too much. He wants to fuck me more, and I want to fuck him less... But the attention is addicting.


  1. I get that..feeling sexy and wanting to hold on to it - I have someone like Bird is to you. Someone who wants me, makes me feel nice, but I dont want. Or rather dont want to want.
    Like you say, I want what I have. But hes exciting.

  2. That sounds very complicated, but it's probably best that you cut ties now before things get ever more messy :/ It takes a lot to do that... good job (even though I'm sure it doesn't feel so great)