Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick and going out

I would just like to start out by saying I hate Crystal Renn. She's in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition this year... The girl who wrote a book about how being fat is ok!? Her yo-yo career annoys the piss out of me...

But anyway...

I'm fucking sick. Whyyy every time I get my motivation back do I get some kind of fucking virus and end up practically bed-ridden!?

I went out last night with some girls I work with to dinner and mia'd. It's amazing how quickly and easily I fall back into it... I should have ordered a salad like Kitty did. Even Dani ate something healthy. I, on the other hand, shamefully ordered something I could easily yack, got drunk, and came home and ate tortilla chips and ice cream.

This morning I'm down a bit. I plan on 500 cals today and resting as much as possible so I can get better and get back to the gym.

Interesting thing last night... During our conversations throughout the evening I found out a girl I work with is bulimic. This is going to sound sick, but I was elated at this info. In fact I was sitting at the table listening to Kitty talking about her and I was thinking, "I hope it's not registering on my face how much this is intriguing me."

The girl is gorgeous. I mean truly amazingly beautiful and super thin. And hearing that she's like that... I felt a surge of hope. Sick, I know.

But... That's me.


Think thin, ladies.

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  1. I have MASSIVE issues with people being okay with fat. And saying that curvy is sexy. No it isn't. It isn't sexy. It isn't healthy. Fuck that shit. Xo