Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Always planning, sometimes achieving

My scale hates me. I, in return, hate it, but I can't live without it. I need it to tell me what to do...

Today's calorie goal: 300 max. Tomorrow the same. Friday and Saturday I work, so the goal is 500.

Sunday will be the 1st. A brand new year. And I plan to enter it a lot lower in weight than I am at this moment.

15 cherries for breakfast and lunch, a piece of fish and some asparagus for dinner = under 300 and not even hungry. Thank you, Adderall.

The addy I took this morning lead to a furious day of cleaning everything around me. Legit cleaning. Like pulling things out of the cabinets and reorganizing and scrubbing the insides cleaning.

I still have a ton of laundry to conquer, and I plan to get off to that in a bit and watch a movie or something.

I need a new band to listen to. Any suggestions?


  1. Good luck girl! You're so motivated (: btw, do you ever get immuned to adderall? I sometimes use caffeine pills when I need a pick me up. I know it way different but I feel like the effects quickly wear off for me if I take them too much so I'm curious if you experience something similar with adderall.

  2. Really jealous of your ability to get adderall though I don't know how you get them o.O. Also totally know how you feel about scales. Can't live without 'em, hardly can pull away the feeling of smashing it against the wall when the numbers look horrid. Anyway, well done on the intake. xxx Colours

  3. hey girlie!
    im back now and really looking forward to reading you!
    you have so much damn will power its amazing lol
    my guy used to be an addy freak but neither of us can find any these days which sucks because they always helped so much
    really hope we can keep in touch
    working to those double digits
    Beck is good and believe it or not amy winehouse had some really good stuff
    im also a big fan of the old blue october and i like ludo
    depending on what kind of music youre into