Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Losing and praying for the end of the month

I'm getting thinner. It's noticeable in my stomach and thighs now. My work uniform fits a little looser.

I'm only ONE pound away from my first goal weight, and I should reach that by tomorrow morning if I stick to the plan today.

Now, ladies, I have to start toning up. Gym every day and tanning.

I'm supposed to go see my friends at the end of the month for a football game against on of our college team's big rivals... I want to be thin then. Super thin. Bikini and tan thin with abs, and I don't want to be the fat thin girl in the photos like I was in February when I went to see them.

I NEED this.

Planned eats today:

B: Coffee - 0 cals
L: Oatmeal - 130 cals
D: Lean meat and veggies - 200 cals
S: Fudge pop - 45 cals
Total: 375 cals

Think think, ladies!

1 comment:

  1. You so can do it. You are unstoppable when you set your mind to it.