Monday, October 31, 2011

The game plan

This week about killed me, but I got through it... Working crazy hours and schedules and partying and going to volunteer activities... My eating and sleep have been fuuuucked up.

Now time for damage control.

If I REALLY restrict and REALLY exercise, I can be much thinner by the time I go to Seattle.

And I need to be. Right now I'm a fat lard ass.

I think I can lose about ten pounds... And I have to be REALLY strict to get there, but I will get there!

Plan today:
B: Water.
L: Tea & Diet pill.
D: Salad at work: 250 cals max.

I'm for real this time, ladies.

Time to stop being a disgusting cow.

Off to work ouuuut!

Think thin.


  1. Intense.
    You eat a lot less calories than I do. I've lost the ability to consistently eat that little...

    Super strong xxx

  2. Im hoping to eat like this next week...should only be consuming around a 100 calories a day-let's see if i can do it! I swear,i always say im gonna work out and i never do- its good to hear someone's sticking with their plan. (: