Monday, October 10, 2011

A few more to go and intake

New scale... Oh, how I detest your brutal honesty.

I'm doing well again lately. I feel like my drive is back.

Yesterday's intake:
Popcorn - 100 cals
Fudge pop - 90 cals
Chicken and vegs with a few lomein noodles - 300 cals
Herbal tea - 0 cals.
Total: 490 cals.

Today's planned eats:
Coffee - 0 cals.
Salad at work - 150 cals
Steak and veggies - 250 cals
Fudge pop - 45 cals
Total: 445 cals

I want to reach my goal SOON. I've lost all the weight I gained since I was sick and then some, so I'm on track to my first goal of losing those "five" pounds. Which became more like 8 after I caught the flu (which is still holding on, btw).

In a couple days those pounds will be gone, and then on to losing my ten.

I can taste 110lbs. Just in time for Halloween if I do things right.

Well, off to a long ass work day. Think thin ladies.

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