Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weight woes

I stepped on a scale this weekend that was not my own.

It said I weighed TEN pounds more than my scale at home.

W. T. F.

I don't know what to think.

Obviously I was fully dressed (shoes and all) and it was not early morning or anything, but still... TEN!?

Now I have no idea what I really weigh... Now I'm scared my weight really is that awful disgusting high number... Now I want a new scale.

And now I feel the need. The need to lose, lose, lose, lose, until there's barely anything left of me.

Tomorrow I'm starting a juice fast for 5 days. And going to the gym every single day of it.

I will be underweight. I will let ana take over.

And I will get a third weight opinion ASAP.

EDIT: I ordered a new scale.


  1. Man, I know that feeling well. I have come to accept my own scale as the one with the final say, though, because if I go around weighing everywhere, there's bound to be a wide variety of numbers. When I go to the doctor, their scales usually say similar enough weights to what mine says, so that's how I keep it in check.

    I want to start a juice fast tomorrow, too. Can I join you?

  2. Yikes... I totally understand the feeling. However, I highly doubt that you're actually 10 lbs. over what you think. Shoes and clothing can actually add a lot of weight!

    BTW, what scale did you order? I'm in need of a new one too. I despise mine.

  3. I hate scales.. but they just seem so necessary, don't they?

    I'm fasting this week too! Good luck, I know you can do it!

    Think THIN :)