Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Juice fast - day 2

Today was... Liveable. Not bad, not good... Just do-able.

It had its ups and downs, and at one point I almost said "Fuck it!" because I want some real food VERY badly. Work was a bit hard on me at one point... Working in a restaurant is a fasting girl's nightmare... I was about 10 seconds away from binging on celery sticks at one point today.

BUT I stopped myself, and I have no plans of caving... I REALLY want to do all 5 days WITHOUT cheating. I want to feel accomplished. I honestly feel great about my fast. I know it's only been 2 days, but I've made a LOT of changes that I plan to stick to for the entire 5 days... I have not eaten any junk, have not binged or purged, and have not taken ANY drugs, except an antacid yesterday.

I unfortunately didn't manage to get to the gym today because I stayed at work late AGAIN today. Plus my muscles are SO sore from my workout yesterday, I decided to take one day off out of 5.

I feel alive again. Emotionally I feel better than I've felt in months. After only 2 days. Because I KNOW I can do this. And I know I will physically feel better. I already do.

Tomorrow I have to work and then I'll be off to the gymmm. Then I have a going away party for a past co-worker who just so happens to be friends with my current co-workers... So basically every person I know in this town will be going out, and I HAVE to go. I will NOT be eating, however, and I will ONLY be drinking tonic water and lime... Disguised as a drink. Ha ha!

Thursday I plan to sleep in, work out, and drive a couple hours away to get a haircut... I've been needing one for weeks now, and I'm ready for it! Plus I don't think I should be home alone during a fast day... I think it will be too much of a test of willpower.

Well, I'm off to cuddle with the hubby and drink some water.

Thanks for always reading, ladies. Think thin!


  1. Oooh tonic water and lime! I may have to steal this idea the next time I go out for drinks. ;o) ... Although I'm sorta known for drinking beer. I wish there was some sort of 0 calorie beer out there! But it would probably taste like dirt.

    Anyway, nice job with the juice-fast! You're already doing WAAAAY better than I ever could.

  2. I know what you mean about bingeing on celery sticks. My boyfriend made shells & cheese and had chicken strips right in front of me, WHILE reading pizza ads out loud (don't ask me why), and it was all I could do not to eat something. But I stuck with it, and now I'm glad I did. It's weird how I keep almost saying "fuck it," but every few minutes more that I last, I want to make it to day 5.

    I am so glad we're both being strong! We will be so accomplished and feel amazing about ourselves when this is done!

    The tonic water and lime is a good idea! I might have to use that one Friday, myself.

    I'm getting a haircut Friday, and you're getting one Thursday. That's funny. Our weeks are too similar!

  3. youre doing great! its so hard to no cheat, even for a couple days. I applaud your consistency! :)
    Although, celery is negative calories, so its like the one thing you CAN binge on and not have it affect you :) keep up the good work! Just think how proud you'll be when you make it through this fast!

  4. You are like, my hero! I know I could never do it. And hanging out with so many and not eating...you are strong. Hang in there.