Friday, September 16, 2011

Ending my fast?

I think I'm going to end my fast a meal early... I'm still undecided though...

I intended to drink juice for dinner tonight and then have a normal food breakfast and lunch, but I think now I'm going to eat dinner and then juice for breakfast tomorrow and possibly lunch.

The hubby is encouraging me to stick it out, but I know that's because he knows so little about my true eating habits... If he knew the truth, I would not be allowed to fast in the first place. I know he just wants me to feel accomplished.

I still feel extremely accomplished. I still lost weight. I still did something I've been so bad at for so long.

But my body is hungry... So hungry in a deep way... Days of basically starving are wearing on me, and I think 5 days may have been too long of a goal by about a day... Next time we'll make it 4.

I'm legitimately extremely hungry, so I'm contemplating giving myself a bit of slack...

I still haven't decided though... I'm still up in the air... Not because I don't want to eat or because I feel like if I eat I'm failing...

Now I'm a bit scared to eat.


  1. you've done so well already, congrats on being so disciplined. don't be so hard on yourself. if you really feel like you need to eat then you should :)

  2. You did great but for the first meal ease into foods or you gain the weight back. Try water loaded fruits and veggies. Most people gain the weight back so be prepared but good luck you did well <3

  3. I agree with thinpls. You've done an amazing job! If you're feeling ill/weak you should definitely eat something. :o)

  4. maybe if you feel strong enough you could it one highly nutritious meal just to give your body a boost. Just one meal. And go back immediately to your normall eating habits. Not a binge, a boost. :)

  5. I would recommend eating really low-cal fruits or veggies. Oh! soup would be the perfect thing to ease you out of this diet, theyre filling and warm you up. low cal of course! i personally love progresso french onion, but thats just me ;) Its awesome youre doing so well- this diet of yours has inspired me to maybe do one myself, so thanks :D