Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 3 Juice Fast

Day three thus far has been good, but I cheated a little... Not with food, but I took a half an Addy at work... I was absolutely swamped all morning and I honestly needed the boost.

I feel a bit bad, but it was honestly nice to have the energy it gave me. Juice fasting is definitely depleting my energy levels... But the weird thing is I'm having issues falling asleep at night? I don't get it... I don't know WHY, but I feel exhausted all day and then can't pass out. Then when I try to wake up in the morning, I'm like a freaking zombie.

SO it was nice to take half an Addy, and though I should feel guilty because this fast was supposed to be about weight loss AND purification... I don't.

One antacid and one half on an Addy all week??? Still WAY fucking better than my previous regiment of daily pills.

I did manage to get to the gym today and have one hell of a workout... I burned at least 500cals, and I was sweating like I've never sweated before... It was literally pouring off of me. When I got home and peeled off my clothes it looked like I ran through a sprinkler.

Guess that's what happens when you get plenty of liquid! Ha ha!

The hubby asked me today, "What do you want to eat when your fast is over?" I replied, "A fucking cheeseburger!" Yesterday that's honestly how I felt... Like I wanted something FAT-TY. Now I just really want some fruits and veggies. Some nuts. Some granola. I don't feel like I want binge-type foods anymore.

The hubby said he would take me to a vegan place Saturday since I have been doing SO well and have had SO much self-control. That's big for him because he hates places like that! Ha ha!

I think he's proud of me... I complain a lot. About my weight/body/insecurity/etc. I feel sorry for him for having to listen to me whine all the time. I think he prefers on-top-of-it Cally. The Cally that feels good about herself for a change.

Am I still a fat lard? Yes. Of course. But these past couple of days have helped me to feel like I AM capable of more than I thought. I still don't think I would ever go for a full-on water only fast because that goes against the little voice in my head that's barely there anymore... You know, the one that keeps me out of inpatient... But I know what my body is capable of. I have exercised my self-control muscles, and I like how it feels.

Well, ladies I'm off to pick out an outfit for tonight... And possibly watch some TV. Wish me luck tonight!

Think thin!


  1. I get severe insomnia from taking addy, no matter how early in the day I take it or how late I go to sleep at night. The only thing that usually helps me is smoking weed. Maybe that's why you're having trouble sleeping? Or maybe you're just hungry. I allowed myself about 1/2 a cup of flaxseed milk last night, and I think it helped me feel full.

    That's AWESOME that you got to the gym. I wish I could say the same. I'm afraid burned 500 calories would make be want to binge.

    I think my boyfriend likes that I'm doing well at my fast, too. It's funny what a double-standard other people have. But I'd much rather have his encouragement than have to hide this fast from him. That would make it a lot less real for me.

    You can do it tonight! Go Cally!

  2. Well done :D I'm doing a fast at the moment, not for the purification bit though, I could probs do with it at the moment..but I'm glad you're doing well :) Me too!!

  3. my hubby would have a fit if I fasted...not a big deal since I don't think I ever could. Awesome that he supports you. Good job!

  4. Like Miranda, my husband would freak if I fasted. I think it's great that you can be open about it! I'm sure it's nice to have the support and encouragement.