Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weight loss and awakening

Down another pound this morning... The August plan is working, and I'm estimating that I could be to my goal my the end of the month EASY.

110 pounds would be so amazing.

I've lost a few pounds over the past week and I've got to say even those 5 or 6 make my body look different. My stomach is a bit flatter, my ribs show a bit more, hip bones are reappearing, and collarbones are popping out a bit more.

It makes me feel so RELIEVED.

I basically got married last year at my lowest weight ever (112lbs on wedding day - my dress was too big.) And then went away on my honeymoon and though I TRIED to eat well, the drinking got to me and I weighed 117lbs when I got home.

Then life got a bit messed up, flipped upside down and messy. We moved, we've struggled with jobs (I'm on my 4th one since Jan 1st.) and my eating got away from me. I lost control of EVERYTHING.

I gained and settled at 123lbs. Disgusting. Where was 112? Where was the 2 pounds away from the ultimate goal weight? Gone. Eleven pounds gone.

Now I'm closer. I'm regaining my strength. My control.

In 2 pounds I'll be the lowest I've been in over a year.

Then 110 is just around the corner.

I'm excited. Honestly, nothing will stop me now. I'm ready for 110. I'm tired of being fat.

Think thin, ladies.

Oh, and PS... Don't worry about me hanging out with Hypno-guy. I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head was, "What the fuck is wrong with you Cally!?"

I think sometimes not eating makes my brain fuzzy and my decision-making receptors clogged.


  1. Wheew! I'm glad you aren't going to take that guy up on the offer. Nothing's wrong with thinking about it though... I am probably not the best person to ask cuz I was thinking maybe you SHOULD, but I was a little worried too. But I didn't have a reason to be worried, so I didn't comment because I didnt want to say "just don't".... Plus, it's really not cool to let some other guy buy you stuff when you're married. Even if your husband said it was cool. It's not. :-)

    I'm at 123 and my UGW is 113... I'm really excited for you :-)

  2. Wow congrats on being so close to your goal weight, it's so inspiring.

  3. OMg... 110 already? You are my inspiration hon... I am stuck at my 123.. how much kcal do you eat daily..? what your height? How long did it take you to go from 123 to now?

  4. I wish I was 110!!!!!!
    youre a huge inspiration to me! keep it up and thank you so much!